This site is designed to deliver cutting edge news and up to date information relating to all aspects of finance.  We target mortgages, life insurance, critical illness cover and key man insurance.  However the blog is designed to open up discussions with any topics relating to finance and will hopefully be a one stop shop for all the info and problem solving you need.  The site was designed and developed by ex mortgage and insurance brokers who have extensive qualified experience in the financial field.  I myself have 5 years experience as a mortgage adviser and insurance broker.  I have all my CeMap qualifications and have a background of investment banking.  making money work for you is something you don’t learn at school but is one of hte most important commodities when you leave.  This site is aimed at ensuring your money is in the right places, you have the correct insurances, you have the correct ISA’s or maybe your pensions need reviews.  Either way we will hopefully cover all topics in time and clarify some maybe unspoken truths, or if nothing more you will get some free, unbiased financial advise.Financial News

There are so many different products on today’s market that the use of a broker is imperative.  There are some new products on the market such as Relevant Life policies for directors, executive cover, severity payments and split policies.  The need to speak to the experts has never been more.  If you are thinking about taking out a insurance policy or are sure about which policy then post your questions on the blog and we will be sure to answer and open the discussion up to our members.

We are also opening up some discussion about business and shareholder insurance as it seems to be the growing market.  With business insurance there is key man, shareholder protection and relevant life insurance.  All these policies have very specific criteria and need to be carefully discussed.

Any director of a company should probably look at the option of relevant life policies a long with some type of shareholder cover.  It seems a lot of companies have shareholder agreements in place, but this is not enough.  The biggest problem is that companies can’t finance the option or agreement and therefore it becomes un-exercisable.  Where ever there is a share holder agreement there should be a shareholder policy.  And on top of this directors should explore the possibilities of relevant life insurance.  It is a new product which has many tax benefits and is by far thelife insurance best way to have life insurance.  It does not cover critical illness though.  If you would like to discuss any of these topics then please post a blog or comment and we will get the ball rolling.  These things are always better in the open and discussed.  The human race evolved because people had the ability to pass on information, well this site will hope full be a platform for that basis.



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